4th Annual Sean Collier Memorial Fundraiser

Posted 09/08/2016
Sean Collier

As we make our big announcement about our 4th Annual Sean Collier Memorial Fundraiser Weekend, I wanted to take a minute to give the background of how this all started and why it’s so important today still.

For those that don’t know Sean Collier, Sean was an MIT Police Officer who was ambushed in his police cruiser and murdered by the Boston bombing suspects back in 2013. Before joining the MIT Department, Sean worked for the Somerville Auxiliary Police from 2006-2009 where he spent countless hours giving his time and energy to the city in all aspects of the job. I wish I could find the words to express his impact on the city and the people around him but it would do him no justice. The stories of his dedication and selflessness are just astounding. The word hero is thrown around far too often, but I truly believe Sean personifies what a hero actually is.

Sean’s goal was to join the Somerville Police Department and was posthumously sworn in to the department 4 months after his death. Shortly after Sean was sworn in I happened to run into one of his brothers, Rob, at a Dropkick Murphys post show where they had taken a moment to honor Sean during the show. After some pretty emotional conversation about Sean and his dedication to the department and community, my family and I decided we wanted to find way to honor Sean. We decided to use the bakery to hold a weekend long fundraiser to raise funds for the Somerville Auxiliary Police Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship which gives money to Somerville High students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. The easy part was on us to put together the fundraiser but we the real challenge came in the form of people stepping out to help out the cause. I still laugh because our goal was to raise $1,000-$1,500 for the weekend which would have been a significant donation to the scholarship at that time. With the help of people like Jerry Carvalho, Tim Van Nostrand and the countless other people, police departments, family, friends and a thousands of other people I could name, we raised over $6,000 the first year and over $8,000 the next 2 years bringing us to a 3 year total of over $21,000. It’s still surreal to me to just how many people show up in support and use this weekend to honor Sean for everything he did for our community. As we start promoting again for this year I just wanted to use this message to once again thank everyone for all your continued support in making this work. We do the easy part.. you guys all show up, spend money and make it happen. I can’t wait to see everyone down there again this year and I promise, the giant autograph raffle prize will be even BETTER this year.

Download this PDF for more information about the event